Turf toe is a common sports injury among athletes. Getting its nickname from the artificial turf that athletes play on, turf toe is a sprain of the big toe from sports activities.


What causes Turf Toe?

The injury can be caused by a repetitive injury when the individual pushes off repeatedly from jumping or running, or when the toe is jammed. It is a result of the excessive upward bending of the big toe joint. The injury is common with football players as well as with dancers, gymnasts, wrestlers, soccer players and basketball players.



The symptoms can begin slowly and then gradually worsen over time. These include:


  • Swelling
  • Pain
  • Limited movement of the joint

If there is a direct injury leading to damage of the bone under the cartilage, the signs and symptoms can commence suddenly and then worse over a 24-hour period.



There are two options for Turf Toe:

Class 4 laser therapy (K-Laser Treatment) or Orthotic intervention.