Putting on Compression Stockings

Step 1 Wear compression stockings first thing in the morning. 

Step 2 Put your hand into the stocking and grab the toe.

Step 3 Pull the top of the stocking down around your arm

Step 4  Sit on a chair or side of the bed

Step 5  Wear latex or rubber gloves

Step 6  Put your toes into the sock

Step 7 Bring the sock over your heel. 

Step 8 Slide the stocking up your leg.

Step 9 Adjust the sock as you draw it upward.

Step 10 Repeat for the other leg

Step 11 Wear compression stockings every day

Step 12 Take off compression stockings at night.

Step 13 Pull down the top of the sock

Step 14 Wash your compression stockings after every use

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