Everyone deals with foot odour at one point or another. With summer in full swing, you would think there is no way around it.

But we have good news – there is a way for you to avoid pesky foot odour: On Your Toes is a powder that is a great treatment for offensive foot and shoe odour.

It is extremely simple to use and effective in as little as three days to stop foot odour for up to SIX MONTHS! All that you need to do is commit a few minutes of your morning, for a few days of the week. This is sufficient enough to prevent re-infection of bacteria that causes embarrassing, smelly feet.

It is recommended to sprinkle two capfuls of the product into each shoe, and then simply shake the powder around so that it spreads out evenly. Each container has enough product to treat six pairs of shoes.

This an effective product that is easy to use and small enough to carry with you during your summer travels! Contact us to purchase On Your Toes today!