Even if you have perfectly clean feet, you can sometimes end up having boots or shoes that have an unpleasant odour. This offensive smell can be caused by odour-causing bacteria or fungus that will not disappear by simply “airing your shoes out”. Fortunately there are easy to use products that you can use to add to your footwear caring routine.

Clean Sweep™

clean_sweep_1024x1024Clean Sweep™ is a natural spray to treat footwear and orthotics that can only be dispensed by physicians. Here are just a few of the benefits that Clean Sweep™ provides:

  • Non-toxic; Hypoallergenic; Environmentally safe; Contains no fragrance or colours
  • Eliminates 99.9% of Odor-Causing Bacteria and Fungus On Contact
  • Use Clean Sweep™ daily for a safe, all natural, way to kill bacteria and neutralize causes of shoe odor.
  • Clean Sweep™ is a clear, flexible antimicrobial micro-coating that works inside the shoe.
  • You probably take good care of the outside of your boots and shoes, do the same for the inside to keep your feet healthy.

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