The start of the school term is just around the corner and with extremely active kids coupled with busy schedules, we sometimes forget to look after their feet. Have you ever noticed if your kids trip easily or walk in a unique way? Are they starting to develop a podiatric medical condition that you may have or one that runs in your family such as bunions or flat feet? If so, it is time to see one of our foot specialists who specialize in pediatric foot care.

Most importantly, new running shoes should be on your back to school shopping list. Even if they haven’t out grown them, their existing pair may be worn out. For your convenience, we carry Asics children running shoes and with a full line of doctor approved models, your kids will be stylish and comfortable, providing them with the confidence they need to conquer the new school year.

Remember, prevention is the best medicine to stop injuries from happening in the first place and it can be as simple as buying the right pair of shoes. Contact us to learn more about the right shoes for kids!