Sandal Season Has Arrived. Are Your Feet Ready?

If you are like most people, you have stuffed your feet in boots all winter and your feet needs freshening up before they are ready for the sun. The solution is a pedicure.

Everyone should be getting a medical pedicure on a regular basis, and it’s not just for cosmetic purposes. It is about the health of the foot and nail. Several diseases manifest from common foot conditions if they are not taken care of. For instance, ingrown toenails can lead to a bacterial infection or lesions. Fungal infection can cause discolouration and the toenail to fall off.

Regular foot care can prevent and control foot-related health issues and keep your feet looking sandal-ready in the process.


Here’s 5 things to do to keep your feet in tip-toe shape

  1. Inspect Often: Check for skin issues such as dry skin which can cause callusing. Also look for any redness of the skin or discolouration in your toenail. Corns, calluses, warts, and other bumps or growths are best dealt with as soon as they are detected.
  2. Avoid Walking Barefoot: Especially on carpet. Walking barefoot exposes your feet to bacteria and fungi. Infections start with the skin and may lead to nail infections (thickening, discoloured and brittle nails) and athlete’s foot (scaliness and itchiness at the bottom of the foot and between toes).
  3. Cut Your Nails Straight Across and Not Too Deep: Ingrown nails are often caused by cutting the nail too deep in the corners. The edge of the nail should reach the tip of your toe. When you walk around wearing shoes, toenails that are cut too short may curl down and grown into the skin.
  4. Use a Pumice Stone to Manage Calluses: Calluses are rough patches that form from the build up of dead skin. They are usually caused by irritation from wearing improperly fitted footwear and can be painful if left unchecked. Exfoliate calluses using a pumice stone regularly. If the callus is too thick, it is time to see a professional.
  5. Get Regular Medical Pedicures: This is the easiest and most effective way to keep your feet looking fresh all year round. Do you suffer from calluses, cracked and flaky skin, ingrown nails, fungus and other foot woes? A professional can identify any serious issues much better than you can. Plus, you can sit back and relax while your feet are pampered by a professional. The average person should get one at least once a month, depending on how fast your toenail grows. Make sure that the place you choose properly sterilizes their tools for each procedure. We now offer medical pedicures at our clinics. While you might walk into your appointment with not the most attractive feet, our trained technicians will have you walking out a new person. Book your appointment today! BOOK NOW